Reinventing the automotive customer experience.


Jeep had very high brand awareness in Europe, but there was low familiarity with individual models and light traffic at dealerships. Our challenge was to drive traffic to Jeep dealerships, and get customers more engaged with individual models.

Jeep Pop-Up Experience Europe

If customers weren’t visiting dealerships, we saw an opportunity to take the vehicles to them. Our solution included pop-up experiences that were highly digital and tactile, travelling to locations with high footfall and high concentration of the target audience, and in close proximity to Jeep dealerships.

Jeep Pop-Up Experience Europe 1

With customisation as a key driver for customers, we made sure the pop-up featured configuration tools with numerous samples and swatches to allow visitors countless ways to customise their cars.

Jeep Pop-Up Experience Europe 2

We built and assembled pop-ups across sites to unique specs supported by our programme management. Our modular design was flexible and cost efficient, and easy to install, de-install and store until the next series of events.

Jeep Popup Experience

A VR experience featuring an off-road adventure entertained visitors at the pop-up, creating digital and physical engagement with the brand and its vehicles.