Jaguar Land Rover
Reinventing the retail network at a pivotal moment for two iconic brands.


Bringing together the Jaguar and Land Rover brands in a single retail experience that gave equal weighting to each iconic brand within a shared space. We had to balance heritage and innovation while driving vehicle sales across newly expanded product ranges.

Jaguar Land Rover Dealership 1

We partnered with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) on its first globally-governed dealer corporate identity, and have rolled it out across 2500 retailers worldwide. We remain deeply embedded in the JLR organisation, with responsibilty for managing and implementing the corporate identity and brand experience across every retail format, everywhere in the world.

Jaguar Land Rover Dealership 2
Jaguar Land Rover Dealership 3

Our team of thirty corporate identity specialists worked alongside the central Jaguar Land Rover brand team and sales organisations across the regions, balancing global and local perspectives. We managed all retailer standards, market-based deviations and site-specific designs; we also supplied a range of components to the retailers, including signage, graphics and furnishings.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic Experience 1

We have created a number of alternative retail formats for Jaguar Land Rover including Classic, Boutique, and Flagship experiences.

Making the experience of shopping for a Jaguar Land Rover as memorable as owning one.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic Experience 2

Classic: for clients who wanted to refurbish iconic vehicles. This distinctive experience connected the past with the present, and strengthened bonds with an influential segment of enthusiasts.

Jaguar Land Rover Dealership 4

Flagship: these locations deliver a total brand experience. The breadth of the Jaguar Land Rover range is experienced in a single space designed to inspire.

Jaguar Land Rover Boutique Concept

Boutique: a concept designed to showcase a selection of vehicles in city centres. A unique shopping experience that meets customers where they are.

Jaguar Land Rover Personalization Studio 1
Jaguar Land Rover Personalization Studio 2

An innovative use of technology enables customers to explore vehicle colours, interactively within a studio setting. One of the touches that make the experience of shopping for a Jaguar Land Rover as memorable as owning one.