Boost Mobile
A new store strategy revitalises a brand.


Boost Mobile was expanding its retail network, and needed to create a more customer-centric experience. Pre-paid wireless was challenged by a lack of brand loyalty, and a store experience that put customers first was at the heart of building the business and revitalising the brand at the same time. 

Boost New Store Concept and Design

Starting with customer journey, we developed a zoned shopping experience that was easy for customers to navigate. The clear zoning, and a modular design system that was scalable for any store size, enabled our concept to flex to fit every Boost environment. Associates were brought out from behind counters and empowered to engage directly with customers, facilitating sales and serving as brand ambassadors.

Boost Case Study
Boost In-Store Brand Focal Wall

Our solution included an innovation lab to validate the new store concept prior to rollout. Top performers trialed the new store and gave feedback, generating interest among a key group of Boost associates. The illuminated brand wall is a focal point of every Boost store, serving as a friendly beacon on the streetscape. 

Boost New Store Concept and Design 1

We installed the new concept in 4000+ Boost stores and reduced standard store costs by more than 20% throughout the programme.