Al Rajhi Bank

Redefining the customer experience at an iconic Saudi Bank.


One of the largest banks in Saudi Arabia, Al Rajhi Bank, recognised that their branch experience was not satisfying their need for a global-standard customer journey, progressive service model and a harmony between all channels. 


Al Rajhi Bank Saudi Arabia | Principle Global

Principle were engaged by Al Rajhi Bank to conduct a ‘ground up’ review of best practice customer experience in the Kingdom, regionally, globally and in the bank. 

Al Rajhi Bank Interior | Principle Global

The objective of this programme was to conceive a customer experience that redefined the banking experience for Al Rajhi Bank, set a new benchmark in the Kingdom and cement Al Rajhi Bank’s status as the leading bank in Saudi Arabia. 

Our solutions were built on a flexible, modular design that could be adapted and implemented across the bank’s network. Our engagement with the bank stretched from strategy, through to concept design (interior and exterior architecture), concept development, and the development of civil and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) drawings to oversee the construction as design guardians of the first flagship branch at Al Ghadeer, in Riyadh. 

Flexible modular interior design Al Rajhi Bank | Principle Global
Customer Experience Interior Design Al Rajhi Bank | Principle Global

Such a large programme required rigorous research. We conducted customer focus groups, management interviews, staff interviews, non-customer interviews, market research locally, regionally and internationally and drew inspiration from best-practice multi-sector customer experience design. The insights from our research informed a detailed strategic model which considered business and customer in-branch needs and wants, technological developments in banking and the customer service model. 

The strategic model we developed would be used to redefine how the bank serves its customers during its next chapter. Our brief required us to develop three branch formats (Flagship, Full-Service and Express), plus a drive-through banking experience for ATMs. Our solutions were executed via a flexible, modular design that could be adapted and implemented across the bank’s network. 

Al Rajhi Bank ATMs | Principle Global

The first flagship branch was built and launched in 2022 to universal acclaim by customers and the business. It was the first bank in the Kingdom to deliver a future-focused and mass-market banking customer experience which cemented the bank as the leader. 

Flagship Al Rajhi Bank | Principle Global