Unique design boutique created for Nissan flagship store in popular Paris suburb

Instigated by Nissan Japan, Nissan Europe developed a one of kind design boutique, which they needed expertly implementing into their new flagship showroom within Vélizy 2, one of the most popular and highly frequented shopping malls in the Paris suburbs.

Using a sophisticated blend of exquisite furniture design and the latest in digital signage technology, the Principle team has helped Nissan achieve their aim of creating a store which makes a statement to its visitors about how innovative and cutting-edge the Nissan brand and vehicles are.

Working closely with Nissan’s design agency, Principle manufactured a series of custom design solutions that have never been developed before. From the special aluminium drive (canopy) structure, to the stylish oak shelves, everything has been done with an enormous attention to detail.

To complete this prestigious project to the required timescales, Principle had to utilise the full spectrum of their brand implementation skills. Technical engineering expertise; product design and development; full installation and seamless project management were all significant factors, but with an overriding level of flexibility and determination being the key to succeeding in delivering this great project.

Principle has worked with Nissan since 2014 and this latest project is another example of their trust in Principle’s ability to deliver.

“Without the drive and expertise of Principle Group, this project would have never come to life."

Principle helped Nissan achieve their aim of creating a store which makes a statement to its visitors.