New Honda India CI to roll out across 340 locations

Principle has been commissioned by automotive giant Honda to work with them to develop and implement their new corporate identity design to 340 plus locations Pan-India.

Utilising the full breadth of Principle’s unique skills encompassing project management, strategy, architecture, product design, manufacture, procurement and supply chain management, the project commenced in September 2017 with roll-out starting a year later, and completion of all 340 plus locations due within 3 years.

The first flagship Honda dealership is located in Mumbai and had an exceptionally fast turnaround time - just 4 weeks!

This ongoing complex project for Honda works to Principle’s core global brand implementation strengths, drawing on experience managing multiple stakeholders throughout the CI design process, as the team have done previously around the world for BMWi, Chrysler, Accenture and ArcelorMittal.

See one of the new look Honda India dealerships - click the image to view the video.