GE Rebranding Programme

Principle appointed to deliver a fast-paced rebranding programme across 26 countries for GE.

In November 2015, GE acquired Alstom's Power and Grid businesses. Principle were appointed in February 2016 and immediately embarked on a fast paced rebranding programme.

GE’s branding approach was somewhat different to Alstom’s with an emphasis on maximising the impact whilst reducing the volume of signs. We carried out local site based brand audits and worked closely with the GE Brand Communications Team to agree the schemes, whilst being sympathetic to the site's requirements.

A four phase programme was agreed which saw Principle re-brand over 1,000 signs across 26 countries, centrally managed from the UK. This was supported by 7 of our global offices and using local, in country, boots on the ground for all field services.

Fast-paced rebranding - 1000 signs in 26 countries.